What Is a Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror, and Do You Need One?

Bluetooth bathroom mirrors allow you to unwind by listening to your favourite music or podcast while taking a hot shower or during other grooming activities. However, higher-end models have more advanced functionalities, such as voice assistants and light-sensitive LEDs.

With Australians focusing more on smart homes and incorporating more advanced technologies and devices, such as Bluetooth mirrors, into their households, you might be interested in figuring out how this trend can transform your daily life.

But will investing in a Bluetooth mirror actually enhance your experience?

Well, you might be surprised; they’ve got a few unique perks you should know about. Check them out below!

How Do Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Work?

Bluetooth mirrors function through a receiving port that takes in signals from devices that support that technology

These mirrors often come with dedicated phone applications from which you can control their functionalities, but you can also turn on a Bluetooth mirror using a built-in power button or from the device you’re streaming from.

What Functionalities Do Bluetooth Mirrors Offer?

The primary function of Bluetooth mirrors is to make your bathroom—or any other room—more enjoyable by providing entertainment and information.

You can leverage the built-in Bluetooth technology to enjoy listening to your favourite music and audiobooks while doing your makeup, shaving, or showering. More premium LED Bluetooth mirror models also come with other functionalities, including:

  • Anti-Fog Function: Helps prevent mirrors from fogging up due to steam and humidity in the bathroom, either through a heating element behind the glass or a permanent coating on it. 

  • LED Lighting: These mirrors often come with high-quality LEDs that you can adjust to your preference. Some higher-end mirrors have light sensors that adjust the brightness according to the ambient light.

  • Weather Display: This lets you know what the current temperature, humidity, and weather forecast are on the mirror’s screen.

  • Digital Clock: You can keep track of the time without reaching for your phone, thanks to this function.

  • Touch Sensor: Most of these mirrors have touch-sensitive icons to switch the lights on or off, adjust the volume, enable the anti-fog function, and so forth.

  • Microphone: This allows you to take phone calls and access your smart assistant hands-free.

  • Full-fledged smart mirrors come with an electronic display behind the front layer of glass and are much more functional and interactive.

    How Much Do Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Cost?

    The average price range of Bluetooth bathroom mirrors is between A$500 and A$1500. 

    Their cost is based on their size, shape, and functionalities. The rule of thumb is that the fewer features they have and the smaller they are, the more affordable they’ll be. 

    But, generally, Bluetooth-only mirrors are designed to be a cost-effective alternative to smart mirrors and usually offer LED lights, a digital clock, touch sensors, anti-fog functionality, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

    More expensive models include extra features, such as voice control, a smartphone application, and weather forecast, and they’re designed for time-constrained individuals who want to multitask and optimize their daily routines as much as possible.

    Are Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Any Good?

    Since this question is largely subjective, here are some pros and cons to help you decide for yourself.


    The major advantages of buying a Bluetooth mirror include:

    • Better Lighting: The built-in LED lights will outperform your regular light fixtures; they’ll illuminate your face with high-quality brightness and clarity, making it easier for you to spot blemishes, shave, or put on makeup.

    • Adjustable Lights: You can change the colour and intensity of the lights according to your preference or mood. They also adjust automatically according to the ambient light if the mirror has a light sensor.

    • Anti-Fog Feature: This allows you to see yourself in the mirror even after a hot shower without needing to wipe it.
    • Voice Assistant: Higher-end mirrors also come with a microphone and a voice assistant, so you can access a multitude of smart features without having to reach for your phone.

    • Convenience: These functionalities, in general, are useful if you can’t bring your smartphone into the bathroom or prefer not to risk damaging it with water or steam.


    Some people may view Bluetooth mirrors as redundant for a few reasons:

    • Unimpressive Audio: Some speakers are often unimpressive, especially if you’re more sensitive to audio quality. Using wireless earbuds or buying a Bluetooth speaker from JBL, for example, is a better, more cost-effective option if you want to play music or an audiobook.

    • Anti-Fog Exception: The anti-fog feature may not be important for users who place their Bluetooth mirrors in half bathrooms, where the humidity and moisture levels aren’t as high due to the absence of a bathtub or a shower.

    • Fragility: They’re not as durable as traditional mirrors due to the number of electronic components inside them. Excessive moisture and humidity might damage them and cause corrosion, short-circuiting, and component malfunctions.

    • Redundancy: Most functionalities become redundant if you’re able to safely bring your smartphone into the bathroom and use it, including the digital clock, weather forecast, and phone calls.

    Wrapping Up

    Bluetooth mirrors stand out in many ways, but whether they’re a worthwhile investment depends on your lifestyle. 

    We recommend investing in a decent Bluetooth mirror if you wish to elevate your experience. They’re easy to install, and the built-in LED lights, Bluetooth functionality, and speaker-microphone combo will help you focus on what’s important: styling yourself flawlessly in preparation for your day.

    But if none of those features appeal to you, check out our store for simpler mirrors. What’s important is that you weigh the pros and cons and decide what works best for your situation.