About us

Founded on our undying passion for making our customer’s interior design and renovation visions burst into life, Mirrors Direct delights in guiding our clients to discover and incorporate the perfect mirror for their project’s aesthetic concept.

While others roll their eyes when you ask too many questions or seek something too specific, we resonate with and delight in engaging the keen-eyed interior decorator, whether they are furnishing professionally or for their own home.

To ensure that our clients feel true satisfaction with their choice of mirror type and design, we stock a vast array of stylistic genres and categories, always with premium quality construction and materials at a high-value price point.

Mirrors make or break rooms depending on dimension, shape, frame design and type. When you’ve put so much thought, time, energy and hard work into decorating a living space, compromising on a furnishing element as crucial and eye-catching as a mirror just isn’t worth doing. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a mirror that leaves you looking at a room thinking ‘something isn’t quite right.’ And we don’t want you feeling underwhelmed or confused by choice either!

Instead, we show our clients that all these variables in choosing a mirror should be something to get excited about, not something to dread! They mean there is near limitless potential for you to find an incredible mirror whose each and every feature ties in beautifully with your room’s theme, style and purpose.

Our experienced team will always be delighted to discuss our vast array of options with you, offering customer service at every stage of your journey. They’ll take into account every aspect of your taste, suggesting only the most compatible selections for your decorative palette, and give your individual needs real attention.

Never compromising on quality, stocking leading manufacturers such as Remer and Belbagno, our mirrors have that x factor that elevates the presence of a room. And having our clients’ best interests at heart, we provide free shipping on all orders while honouring manufacturers warranty so you can enjoy sophisticated design with reassured peace of mind.

Don’t let your options be limited. We have everything from the most sleek and modern LED mirrors with bluetooth audio connectivity, to ornate, lavish and antique framed mirrors and everything in between. We stock over 7 shapes from arch to oval, styles from retro to art deco and take pride in our classy range of mirrored furniture. With a plethora of frame options, including frameless, you won’t have a vision that we don’t cater to.

From the bathroom to the bedroom, get your reflections in style with Mirrors Direct. We couldn’t be more proud to take care of you as you turn houses into homes.