Are LED Mirrors Worth It? The Definitive Guide to Lighted Mirrors

Lighting a bathroom is no walk in the park.

If you're already thinking about switching from incandescent lights to LEDs and saving money on your energy bill, there is an extra fixture you can purchase to add even more light to this room: an LED mirror.

LED bathroom mirrors are one of the most efficient extra lighting options homeowners can access. But before you purchase one, check out this guide to answer this key question:

Are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it?

What Are LED Mirrors?

An LED mirror is a type of fixture that comes with built-in illumination. The lights can be positioned in various spots around the mirror's edges to create different lighting effects and even replicate natural light.

There are two main types of LED mirrors:

  • LED backlit mirrors: the LED lights are attached behind the mirror, so light emanates from the mirror's margins and reflects off the bathroom's walls. This creates a softer effect, making them great for mood lighting.

  • LED front-lit mirrors: these LED mirrors have two or more lighting strips placed on the sides of the fixture, so light comes from the front. They can provide more brightness and are best used as grooming or makeup mirrors since they don't cast shadows on the face.

Apart from LED placement, these lighted mirrors also come in various shapes like arched or round, sizes, and colours to properly match a bathroom's decor.

LED mirror

LED Mirrors Pros and Cons

Lighted mirrors are a smart addition to any bathroom, big or small.

But opting for an LED mirror specifically brings some unique perks and drawbacks you should consider:

LED Mirrors Pros

An LED bathroom mirror brings these advantages to the table:

  • Colour temperature: LED lighted mirrors provide more control over the colour temperatures, which you can adjust depending on your preference or time of day. They also provide healthier light than the common blue light from screens or classic white light, which can disrupt sleeping patterns;

  • Efficient energy useLEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting and last almost ten times longer;

  • Saving space: This mirror enables powerful lighting in a small bathroom where you don't have the space for complex lighting systems by efficiently using the wall space;

  • Long usage time: The average light bulbs last around 1,000 hours, but LED lights have a lifespan of 100,000. Also, they don't abruptly go out but, instead, slowly dim;

  • Enhanced features: Modern LED mirrors are equipped with anything from Bluetooth speakers to coloured lighting and even touch sensors to provide even more function to your bathroom mirror.

LED Mirrors Cons

These lighted mirrors have some drawbacks to think about:

  • Higher cost: Illuminated bathroom mirrors cost more than traditional mirrors. But, if you also want additional features like timed lighting, these will inflate the price tag even more;

  • Mounting difficulties: Because they must be connected to a power source, LED lighted mirrors usually need a professional to install them;

  • Wear and tear damage: the LED bulbs last a long time, but the mirror itself and all its features can damage before the lights go out. In these cases, you'll need to factor in the additional cost of repairing the LED mirror or having it replaced.

    Backlit Rectangle Mirror in Bathroom

4 Steps to Finding the Right LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Illuminated mirrors are a huge section in any department store. To make the right decision for your new lighted mirror, follow these four steps:

1. Think of Your Needs

Consider the purpose of the mirror. Will you be applying makeup or styling hair? Then you may need something that provides natural light.

Do you have a smaller bathroom with limited space? Then you'll need a smaller LED mirror that can still provide brightness.

Your specific needs will determine the type of LED lighted mirror you should purchase.

2. Choose a Style of LED Lighted Mirror

Consider if backlighting or front-lighting is better for you, and look for mirrors that match your bathroom.

You have several style options to choose from, the most prominent being the shape. For instance, if you're shopping for backlit mirrors, round LED mirrors are great if you have less bathroom space.

But oval LED mirrors make a bigger impact and are great vanity mirrors.

3. Set a Budget

Lighted mirrors can be an investment, but there are models to suit every budget.

Consider how much you're comfortable spending on a new bathroom light and factor in the amount you'll save long-term through your bills.

4. Find High-Quality LED Mirrors

Whether you're choosing front-lit or backlit mirrors, try to find LED lighting that meets these requirements:

  • Copper-free glass to resist corrosion

  • Dimmable lights for more control

  • Integrated heating pad to create an anti-fog system

  • Hardwired for consistent and powerful illumination

    Oval LED Bathroom Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED Mirrors Battery-Operated?

Some LED bathroom mirrors are battery-operated and easy to move around the home.

These are usually popular mirrors for straightforward tasks like applying cosmetics because you can freely move them anywhere.

However, you get limited hours of continuous use before you need to change the batteries, which can be very often in a bathroom where the light's turned on for longer periods.

Hardwired or pluggable mirrors work as long as they have access to electricity, making them more dependable than battery-operated ones.

Do LED Mirrors Need to Be Plugged In?

LED mirrors need electricity. Some models can be plugged in and moved to any room with an outlet.

But hardwired mirrors are the better choice for a fixed bathroom light solution, especially if you don't have an outlet in this area. They are connected directly to a home's circuit, and the wires are discreetly concealed behind the LED mirror.

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants a dark bathroom. Having enough light makes this space safer and improves its function.

An LED mirror is a creative way to improve bathroom lighting and introduce some high-tech features in this space. Not only will you have a well-lit reflection, but they can also create a certain ambience, fill the space with natural light, or let you listen to your favourite music.

Start your search for a new lighted fixture by checking out Mirrors Direct's selection of hardwired LED mirrors and see which one suits you best.