How To Stop Bathroom Mirrors Fogging Up

It’s the worst when you get out of the shower, need to shave, and can’t see because your bathroom mirror is all fogged up. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to prevent this.

From small DIY techniques to better mirrors, there are several ways to overcome this issue. Learn how to stop bathroom mirrors from fogging up below. 

Why Bathroom Mirrors Fog Up

You can blame it on physics: when a colder surface touches warm air, condensation happens

Two factors influence the creation of fog on a surface: the humidity and the temperature. A hot shower warms the air in the bathroom and adds moisture to it. That wet air then interacts with the cold surfaces in the room, turning steam back into liquid water and making a misty mirror.

You can observe the same reaction in cars in the morning, where the windshields fog up due to a temperature difference between the glass and outside air.     

DIY Tips For Preventing Your Mirror From Fogging Up 

To keep bathroom mirrors fog-free, you need to change the condensation reaction. 

Here are some options that can help:  

Dish Soap Method

An age-old method to prevent fog is to rub soap on your bathroom mirror. If you cover the surface in a thin layer of soap to break the surface tensions and prevent water from condensing on it. 

Dish soap, hand soap, or a bar of soap will all work. You’ll want to clean off the soap after your shower with a towel or cloth and wipe it off. Using glass cleaner may help to get it perfectly clean

You don’t need to worry about covering your entire mirror; just lather the part that you want clear.

Homemade Solution Options

If you don’t want to use soap, some other homemade solutions have the same effect: 

  • Shaving cream or shaving foam  
  • Vinegar solution in a spray bottle
  • Laundry detergent 

To clean any of these off, you’ll want to use a paper towel or cloth afterward. You’ll find yourself with a crystal clear reflection of yourself. 

Run a Cold Shower

Although it may not be the best option, you could always run a cold shower rather than a hot one! Cold showers don’t increase the air temperature as high and won’t form fog on the bathroom mirror. 

Create More Airflow 

One of the easiest and best ways to avoid fog is to create more airflow in your bathroom so that the steam can escape. 

The best way to achieve airflow in a bathroom is to have two sources where air can enter or escape. This helps create a draft and ensures more air will leave compared to only one outlet. This can be achieved by opening a window or door or using a fan to direct the air out of the bathroom. 

Anti-Fog Spray 

A commercial anti-fog spray requires less clean-up than some of the homemade solutions, but you’ll still need to use a cloth to wipe them down. These put a layer on the glass that reduces surface tension and prevents water droplets from forming.  

These types of sprays are commonly used for cameras or eyeglasses, but they do make some for bathroom mirrors as well. Most of them last for about a month before you’ll need to put another layer on, which is longer than the homemade solutions. 

Using a Demister Pad for an Anti-Fog Mirror

If you’re in the market for a new mirror, you should look into those that have anti-fog technology in them called demister pads

What Is A Mirror Demister? 

A demister pad can be put on your mirror to prevent fogging. It’s a heated pad that requires an electrical outlet to plug it into. 

While some mirrors come with them built-in, you can also purchase one and put it on the back of your current one. It can be smaller than your mirror and will keep that one segment of it fog-free when turned on. 

How Does A Mirror Demister Work

A mirror demister heats the glass in front of it so that the surface temperature isn’t as cold, causing less water to condense. The result will be a less foggy mirror and the added bonus of not having to clean up your DIY defogging solutions after every hot shower.

Are Mirror Demisters Worth It 

If you’re bothered by foggy mirrors often, then a mirror demister is worth it. Not only does it help to prevent fog, but many people get them to reduce the likelihood of mould as well. Less water on bathroom surfaces will keep your bathroom cleaner and looking nicer. 

They’re especially good for bathrooms that don’t get enough airflow. If your bathroom lacks enough windows or doors, you should consider getting a demister pad on your bathroom mirror. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this helps you keep your mirror fog-free after your showers. Whether you opt for an easy homemade solution or are after a brand-new, high-tech mirror, you’ll be staring at a clear reflection of yourself in no time. 

Shaving mirrors and backlit mirrors will be the most common bathroom mirrors with this anti-fog technology, but we offer a larger selection that comes with a demister pad add-on, as well.