Can Any Mirror Be Used in a Bathroom?

Are you looking for a new mirror for your bathroom but aren't sure what to look for? There are surprisingly many options on the market, so it's a good idea to research the best types. 

You'll want to figure out what types of mirrors are out there and what your priorities are for your project. If you're wondering whether any mirror can be used in a bathroom, the answer is typically no. Here’s why:

Is There A Difference Between A Bathroom Mirror And Regular Mirror?

Technically, you can put any regular mirror up in your bathroom, but you may pay the price later with various issues. 

With extensive exposure to moisture, some bathroom mirrors are more equipped to resist rust and rot. The amount of moisture that you need to consider will vary based on your bathroom. A bathroom with fans and good airflow is less likely to have this issue. 

A bathroom mirror will typically need certain dimensions to be functional. You'll want to avoid an oversized or undersized mirror. A general rule in the interior design is that the bathroom mirror should not be larger than the vanity unit. 

The top things you should look out for when purchasing a bathroom mirror are: 

  • Dimensions 
  • Amount of moisture exposure 
  • Type of mirror 
  • Mounting type
  • Storage space
  • Personal style 
  • Lighting
  • Safety

Best Types of Bathroom Mirrors

These are some of the best mirrors you can add to your bathroom:

Copper-Free Mirrors or Moisture Resistant Frames

If you have a bathroom with high moisture and low airflow, you'll want a moisture-resistant mirror. Living in a place with high humidity may also prevent your bathroom from properly drying out. 

Copper-free mirrors are a great option because they don't have the metal content that reacts with water as easily. You'll avoid the dark spots from mirror rot and have an easier time cleaning it, even with harsher products.

Moisture-resistant frames are another choice to look into. They have additional protection around the mirror's edges, which are most vulnerable to damage and cause visual issues with rusting. 

Tempered Glass Mirrors

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass. It undergoes a chemical process to strengthen it, lowering the likelihood of shattering. These are much safer to have in a bathroom.  

This unique type of glass is also more resistant to temperature changes, which bathrooms face due to the heat from shower steam. 

Due to its high safety rating, certain renovation guidelines now legally require this type of mirror in bathrooms. It's also becoming increasingly popular among renovators, even without being mandatory. 

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors 

If you're specifically looking for bathroom vanity mirrors, ensure you buy the vanity first and then the vanity mirror. It's best if the mirror is smaller in dimensions than the vanity and taller than those using it.

Generally, one foot above the eye line is a safe bet when choosing a dimension that looks good. Going larger than this will also work, as larger mirrors may help a small bathroom look more spacious. 

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors  

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are mirrors with LED lights inside them, providing better lighting than regular mirrors. It's a trendy personal preference choice, but many people want this type because it provides the best lighting for applying makeup. 

You can find battery-operated or main electricity-powered versions of these mirrors. They look best in bathrooms that do not have a natural light source.

Many of these types of mirrors have an auto-demisting technology that simultaneously prevents steam from sticking to the mirror. They can be great options for poor airflow bathrooms. 

Medicine Cabinet Mirror (or Shelved Mirrors)

You may want to consider getting a bathroom mirror with a medicine cabinet or shelves to add extra storage space and convenience. Many people prefer having a place to store their items that is close to the sink.

These types of mirrored or shelved cabinets are especially good for small bathrooms to provide a concealed space to put your items. Things like medicine, toothbrushes, and more can be hidden away from the casual user and not disrupt the design of the space in a cabinet mirror. 

Shelves can also provide storage space or act as a design feature. You can put functional items on them, like soap, lotion, flowers, or incense to add to the ambiance of the room.

Makeup Mirrors

Some bathrooms may call for additional mirrors other than the main one. There are plenty of smaller mirrors that can be either wall-mounted or on a stand to provide you with more options. 

The lighting may be better in a different area of the bathroom than where the main mirror is, and a makeup mirror is a great option to add there. They’re smaller and sometimes provide two sides, where one will magnify the hard-to-see spots on your face. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing a bathroom mirror may seem small, but it's an important step in designing a functional space. Before making a purchase, outline the most important factors in your mirror choice. 

Normal mirrors may give you a headache down the line, so investing in a mirror you can trust will last you a long time and provide you with a beautifully designed bathroom.  

You can now start your shopping by checking out Mirrors Direct’s collection of bathroom mirrors.