Pros and Cons of Using a Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Is it time to renovate your bathroom? Perhaps you are only looking to add a new useful fixture? Whatever the reason behind it, you are thinking about adding a frameless bathroom mirror. 

What if you aren’t sure if it’s the right accessory for your décor? That’s where this guide can help with useful information. Check out what the experts think about the benefits and drawbacks of using these units. Here are the details to consider before purchasing this product!

What Is a Frameless Mirror?

Belbagno Q Line Mirror

As the word suggests, these units come without a frame. It is essentially a single piece of glass. These products vary in size significantly. You can purchase a small mirror or a large one to cover a big wall section.

This accessory became popular in recent years. Many architects use it in premium designs, so homeowners accepted it as a trend. 

Are Frameless Mirrors in Style?

You’ll hardly find an accessory that can be a more stylish addition to your home. Apart from classic units, you can go with the Eros Backlit Bathroom Mirror. It’s a product that offers a backlight that has multiple purposes. The primary aim is to create a cool light when people are entering the room. Its output can even help to see better extra illumination as necessary.

Does this product seem attractive? If you believe this frameless vanity mirror can be the right choice, here are its detailed features.

  • Powerful Lighting and Concealed Wiring

The unit features 86W of power to provide optimal backlight to the room. The manufacturer picked a cool 6400K light to secure the ideal bathroom ambience. You’ll find all wiring is behind the product. Thanks to that, there’s no worry the light will disrupt the aesthetics.

  • Lightweight and Durable

Buyers can pick between multiple sizes – 90 x 75 cm and 120 x 80 cm. Either way, the mirror is lightweight and only weighs around 18 kgs. It features a 5mm thickness to promote durability. The manufacturer even includes a 3-year warranty with the product. Since it’s not heavy, it’ll be fairly easy to install.

  • Stylish and Beautiful

The material selection is impressive. The light metal box complements the silver mirror well, and everything looks fantastic. This product is versatile, so you can mount it in landscape or portrait position. It solely depends on your choice. 

Advantages of Using a Frameless Bathroom Mirror

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Why are these units so popular today? It’s because they come with multiple pros that make them a smart investment. Check out these benefits below and decide if this product is the right choice.

1. A Simple Installation

The critical thing to underline is you should be careful while installing its unit. It’s a large piece of glass, so it’s breakable. However, apart from that fact, the setup will be simple. All it requires from you is to mount it on the wall. The entire process usually doesn’t last more than a few minutes.

2. Maintaining These Mirrors Is Simple

Framed accessories usually feature different materials. They could be a combination of vinyl, metallic, wood, etc. A frameless product, however, only has a large piece of glass. That makes it simple to maintain, and some manufacturers will even provide resources for it. 

You’ll often receive demisters and other accessories to eliminate fog and steam with the unit. The long-term investments in cleaning products are also lower. While the maintenance is minimal, make sure to clean the unit regularly.

3. It Is a Hygienic Solution

There’s no room in the house where you should care more about hygiene than the bathroom. You don’t want bacteria and mould to compromise air quality. 

A vital advantage of a frameless mirror is that it’s a hygienic solution. It doesn’t contain frames, which are often an attractive location for germs and mould. That’s one thing less to worry about when it comes to maintaining your bathroom in perfect condition.

4. Attractive Design for Most Bathroom Decors

Frameless units are a perfect fit for minimalistic designs. If you grab a house interior magazine, the odds are you’ll see these mirrors inside. It is a contemporary approach often seen in modern homes.

The fact there’s no frame also minimizes clutter. It’s the “less is more” approach that many homeowners love. Additionally, a frameless full-length mirror and similar units only feature glass. Thanks to that, they should fit easily with most decors.

5. It Can Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

A bit of creativity can create an illusion your bathroom is larger than it is. If you use a big frameless mirror, it will reflect a huge portion of space. 

Once you enter the room, the reflection will fool your mind about its size. It’s a fantastic hack for small bathrooms. Whether you want to impress guests or don’t like a cramped space, this can be a fine addition.

6. Durable and Long-Lasting

Most manufacturers use only high-quality glass for these products. They secure the required thickness, which boosts longevity. It’s the frames that suffer damage first in these units. But if it’s a frameless round mirror, that indicates it will be more durable. Its pure strength is also a guarantee that they aren’t easy to break.

Downsides to Using a Frameless Mirror

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Each product has a couple of minor flaws. That also goes for these units, but what are their disadvantages? Here is what to consider before finalizing the purchase.

1. Edges Are More Vulnerable to Chipping

While the mirror itself is extremely durable, the edges require maximum care. That’s because they can be prone to chipping if the user hits them. It’s something to pay attention to during the installation and use. You shouldn’t move the product or be extremely careful when you do. Also, place the accessory where people can’t accidentally hit its edges.

2. It Might Look Simpler Than You Expect

Some homeowners like to give their bathrooms a personalized appearance. Those people might not find these units as their right choice. A frameless rectangular mirror is fairly simple as it’s “only” glass. If you want to make it a focal point of the room, that will be difficult. However, many still see it as a popular option to improve the overall décor.

Final Thoughts

No product is perfect, but a frameless bathroom mirror comes close to it. When it comes to these areas, it’s hard to find a better accessory. That’s especially true if you are looking for a minimalistic design. Click here to browse our frameless mirror range today!