Best Decorative Mirrors In 2022

Apart from showing our reflections, mirrors are also suitable for several purposes. They can help to open up space and even provide your home with an aesthetic appeal. When buying mirrors for your home, you need to consider a few factors. They include the shape, size, and material used for the looking glass. The design of a mirror matters the most if you intend to buy decorative mirrors for your home.

Other things to keep in mind include the mirror type, your budget, the best brand, the materials, and many more. In this post, you'll get a few tips on how to choose the best mirror for your home. That said, without further ado, let's get straight down to business.

What Are The Different Types Of Decorative Mirrors For Your Home?

Remer Eclipse Bathroom Mirror


Are you looking to get the best mirror to beautify the walls of your home? If yes, you need to understand that there are several different types of looking glass to do the job. Let's have a quick look at some of them below.

1. Bathroom Mirror

You'll undoubtedly agree that one of the best places to keep a mirror in your home is the bathroom. However, if you don't know, the benefit of having the mirror inside the bathroom is that it comes in handy when brushing your teeth or washing your face.

That said, depending on your bathroom size, you can always go for a thinner or big mirror.

2. Entryway Mirror

When you're looking to beautify your home, another type of mirror you can consider buying is the entryway mirror. Placing the mirror at your entranceway means you can always check your outfit out before heading out to your office or other destinations. Furthermore, one of the benefits of having entryway mirrors is that they help to brighten things up. Of course, they do that by reflecting light even in the absence of many nearby windows.

3. Full-Length Mirror

Another type of mirror that you can choose to improve your home's aesthetic appeal is the full-length mirror. Speaking of them, they offer a host of benefits, such as increasing the available light in your home. With that, you can introduce a more natural glow to every part of your room. Furthermore, full-length mirrors also have a way of making any room look bigger than usual.

4. Vanity Mirrors

    Vanity mirrors are personal-looking glasses. They aim to help you out with your everyday activities. These mirrors are perfect for applying makeup, fixing your hair, changing your dresses. There are different types of vanity mirrors available in the market to choose from.

    • Lighted Vanity Mirrors

    They provide you with the necessary focus while applying makeup or doing your hair. Besides, lighted mirrors also help to beautify your bathroom, keeping it glowing always - all thanks to their LED installed lights.

    • Round Designed Vanity Mirrors

    Round-shaped vanity mirrors aim to focus on your face. They provide you with a better view while applying makeup.

    • Double Mirror

    A double mirror is an excellent idea if you're interested in two things; a larger mirror and a vanity mirror. They help to decorate the bathroom, offering it an aesthetic look. At the same time, it'll also give personal benefits that every bathroom mirror provides.

    Which should you go for: wall or floor mirror?

    Round Black Framed Bathroom Mirror


    Let's face it; since you're looking to add more beauty to your home, I'll say that both types are okay. You can either decide to hang the mirrors on your wall or let them stand on the floor, lean on the wall, or another surface.

    If you have big rooms, you can decide to go for big floor mirrors. On the other hand, the wall mirrors are better if you have a small apartment.

    Types of materials to keep in mind while choosing the best mirror

    Round Gold Beaded Mirror


    As earlier mentioned, one of the main factors to consider before choosing the best mirror for your home is the material. For the best results, you need to go for mirrors that come with excellent designs for their frames.

    Some of the best materials include wood, glass, and metal. Interestingly, you'll also find these materials in several different colors.


    As far as metal framed mirrors are concerned, they are highly decorative. However, that wouldn't be possible if not for their attractive finishes.


    Glass-framed mirrors also provide the necessary aesthetic appeals for your room. That's so because they have a chic and stylish look.


    As for wooden framed mirrors, they are pretty much sophisticated and ideal - if you're the type that loves classic designs.

    Tips for Hanging a Wall Mirror

    Round Fancy Wall Mirror


    Although hanging your mirror is fun, it's worth noting that it needs a little bit of planning. Furthermore, it also requires you to be extremely careful. That said, you can check below for tips on how you can hang your wall successfully.

    • First, you need to use the correct screws and wall fixings. The purpose of that is to prevent your mirror from dropping and breaking.
    • Next, get the best standing focus for the mirror - this is usually about 150cm from the ground.
    • Drill a hole in the focus mark and insert the screws. Make sure you fix the screws well into the wall.
    • Lastly, carefully hang your mirror, and that's it!


    Choosing a suitable mirror for your home requires that you consider a lot of things. Before going ahead to buy one, you need to ask yourself the exact type you want. You also need to go for the kind of materials and frames that suit your home.

    You can check here to have a look at the best-selling decorative mirrors out there and view some of what it has to offer.