6 Reasons Why You Need an Extendable Shaving Mirror

Do you often cut yourself while shaving? The initial thing to check is equipment quality. If your razor is fine, the problem could lie in not having the optimal view in the mirror. It’s vital to clearly see your face while shaving. A new mirror can ensure that and secure you avoid cuts in the future.

The drawback is you don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom. An extendable shaving mirror could be the solution. This guide speaks about this accessory and its benefits. Check out these details and discover if this is the right addition to your bathroom!

What Is a Shaving Mirror Used for?

Extendable shaving mirror

The name is self-explanatory, which implies you use this mirror for shaving. Users are welcome to place this fixture in the desired position in the bathroom. There’s no need to restrict yourself to a single activity. Many people find the unit convenient for face masks, tweezing, and even doing their haircuts.

What’s the difference between a classic and an extendable shaving mirror? The extendable unit features an arm that you can push back into the wall. That way, it saves space while offering the required adjustability.

Mirrors Direct offers a fantastic 3x Magnification Mirror with Light. The product has everything an average user might require.

Here is an overview of its top features:

  • An Extendable Arm

The mirror comes with an arm that you can fold back into the wall or pull forward when necessary. Users can pick from many adjustments to find an optimal position. That increases the product’s versatility. It makes it suitable for shaving but also for makeup and other applications.

  • 3x Magnification

The magnification feature is crucial, so you can get an optimal view of the face. Thanks to the 3x magnification, you’ll see every detail. It ensures you don’t miss a single hair while shaving and minimizes the cut risk.

  • High-Quality Materials

The manufacturer used top-quality brass material for this men’s shaving mirror with light. It’s easy to mount since you only screw it to the wall. Its attractive and neutral design ensures it fits all bathroom decors.

  • A Cool LED Light

You’ll find the 3W output of the cool LED light more than sufficient for shaving. It’s easy to turn it on by pressing a switch at the base’s bottom. Whenever you need extra light, this mirror offers the ideal solution.

Benefits of Using an Extendable Shaving Mirror

square extendable shaving mirror

Extendable mirrors are more popular than ever in bathrooms worldwide. These come with many benefits users loved. Here is what to expect from these units!

1. Adjustability Allows Finding the Perfect Position

The primary feature of this shaving glass mirror is adjustability. It features an extendable arm that you can adjust any way you want. Here are quick pointers of how you can benefit from adjustability:

  • Get a Better Look of the Sides of Your Face

The biggest odds are you’ll miss an area around the sideburns when shaving. You don’t see corners of your face properly, and that’s where these mirrors come into play. Thanks to the improved view, you’ll get better results.

  • Vertical Adjustment for Maximum Comfort

    The best mirrors also have options for adjusting them vertically. It’s another feature that contributes to finding an optimal position. That also contributes to your comfort while shaving.

    • Avoid Moving Your Head and Body

      Do you find yourself in unnatural positions while shaving? All men have been there because they strive to find a better viewing angle. Instead of moving yourself, it’s much easier to move these mirrors. Extendable units allow just that, which makes them convenient.

      2. Do the Job Right

      The primary goal of shaving is to improve your appearance. Whether you want all that facial hair off or you are styling your beard, it’s all about the results. Finding the best shower mirror is imperative to do the job right.

      Extendable units are convenient because they allow an optimal view of your face. By assessing the situation from every angle, you can confirm the shaving met your expectations. If you plan on showering while in the bathroom, you can try shower fogless face mirrors. These are convenient when things get steamy. It’s because they are fog-resistant, and there’s no danger it will compromise the product’s performance.

      3. It’s a Huge Space Saver

      Bathrooms are often compact spaces, which implies every inch is important. Therefore, you might not have sufficient room to place large fixtures. Also, you should choose the items to insert there carefully, and that applies to mirrors.

      That’s why a unit that’s foldable is convenient. Thanks to the extendable arm, you can retract this product into the wall. Once you need it, pull it forward and start the shaving. It’s easy as ABC and takes the entire bathroom functionality to the next level.

      4. It Looks Great

      Functionality might be the primary requirement from a shaving mirror. However, you shouldn’t forget the appearance. Manufacturers put big effort when designing these products. That’s why you’ll often encounter brass and other materials that look attractive.

      The color selection is up to the user. Matching the bathroom décor is imperative, and neutral colors are always a smart move. Silver or gray variations will add a stylish touch to the area.

      5. Suitable for Low-Light Environments

      Many shaving mirrors come with LED lights. These usually have an output of 2-4W, and their purpose is to illuminate the glass. Thanks to that, you can better see your face in the product. That means you can put the accessory in every corner of your bathroom.

      There’s no need to worry if the area could use better illumination. These lights will compensate for any lack of it. Furthermore, that makes the entire grooming process more enjoyable.

      6. Affordable and Durable

      The fantastic thing about these mirrors is that they are budget-friendly. They won’t cost you a fortune, which makes their value for money impressive.

      Here is why they provide plenty of bang for the buck:

      • Versatility

      Shaving mirrors are versatile products because they support other activities, too. Ladies will love putting makeup on in front of these units. You can use the accessory for styling your hair and any other endeavors that require looking at your reflection.

      • Durability

      These products often last for years, especially if you are careful with them. The manufacturers use premium materials that are easy to maintain. All it takes is cleaning the glass and ensuring you don’t break it.

      • Convenience

      You can’t put a price on enjoying the shaving process. Thanks to an adjustable mirror, you’ll love every second of working on your appearance. Since these units are affordable and long-term investments, this is only an additional bonus.

      Final Thoughts

      As a man, you care about your appearance. That’s why you want your facial hair to look perfect. A mirror is necessary for an optimal shaving process, but classic units can be a hassle. Many users switched to an extendable shaving mirror and loved the change brought by this accessory.

      These fixtures are there when you need them, while the foldable arm saves space when not in use. The 3x Magnification Mirror with Light ensures you don’t miss a single spot and reduces the risk of cutting yourself. Finally, it’s a great addition to any bathroom décor. Make sure to try this product, and you’ll see why it has become the users’ favorite!