Ways to Spruce Up With A Round Mirror

Some interior design trends remain undying through generations. Some of them brighten up the place, and others brighten it up while serving a purpose. An example would be round mirrors. 

We've been seeing them around since we were little. In bathroom vanities, hallways, living rooms, and wardrobe. They've always been around, making sure we look our best before stepping out.

A huge round mirror is the easiest way to spruce up your home and lighten your interior design. They are the most basic yet trendiest accessory you can add to your walls and spice things up. 

Regardless of the general aesthetic and vibe of your house, circular mirrors fit in pretty quickly. They breathe life into your home, and how you place and decorate them can be the personal touch you need. Want to know more about how you can spruce up your living space with a mirror? Keep reading!

Are Round Mirrors in Style?

You may have seen rectangular and square mirrors around more often. The charm a mirror brings to a living space is unmatched, with its cousins occupying other shapes. It gives the illusion of a more expansive and extensive place. 

Where is the best place to put them?

Round Bathroom Mirror

Opposite a window

You can place a wide circular mirror opposite a window or an area where natural light is coming inside. This technique brightens up a dark space. It is no secret why circular mirrors are increasing in demand.


A mirror can go with many places- anything and everything from a bathroom to your entryway. For example, you need to have a wide bathroom mirror to capture all your shower concerts and grumpy morning face. 

Living room

Undoubtedly, everyone needs a mirror to look at themselves and marvel at their glory before stepping out. It is also the perfect wall accessory your living room and work desk needs. Oh, and not to forget, it's ideal for your OOTD mirror selfies, too, for all the selfie lovers out there.

This type of mirror can be the perfect touch of minimalistic royalty your living room needs. It spices up a bare wall by itself. Playing with its surroundings, the mirror frame, and even the wall it is mounted on can change your interior design game from good to great. 

Some of the ways you can spruce up your living areas with a round mirror are:

  •  Add a black round mirror or white round mirror to a gallery wall
  • Surround your mirror with colorful displays of art- to balance the burst of colors with the calm of a mirror.
  • Spice up the furniture around the table. 
  • Add frames and decoration pieces to a foyer table or throw pillows and funky covers to a couch.  Whatever works best for you!
  • Play with the frame, paint or decorate it with materials of your choice to brighten it up
  • Mount it on a wall opposite a window, so you can gaze at a sunset or sunrise without hurting your eyes.
  • Place indoor plants near your circular mirrors.
  • Pull up furniture, for instance, a nightstand, table, or couch, to surround it.
  • Mount it on an already inhabited wall so it doesn't feel too bare
  • If it already comes with a decorative frame, let it remain the same since with this type of ready-made mirror, you don’t need to make many touches.

Standard Circular Mirror Designs That Accentuate Certain Places

Belbagno Bucciano Bathroom Mirror

Knowing what shape, size, and frame go with a particular part of your house is vital. A mirror will be an interior design statement regardless of what style you choose. Making it significant to select a top-notch one. On top of this, placing a circular mirror at its best placement will up your interior design game by a lot.

Circular mirrors suit almost every part of a house; certain styles and frames go with specific areas. 

  • A frameless or inset mirror may be perfect for a bathroom, but it may not be suitable for a hallway. 
  • A wide, round gold mirror is ideal for a living room to give it a royal touch and brighten up the room. 
  • Smaller ones, with black or white frames, are the best choice for a work desk, vanity, or bedroom.
  • A black or white mirror may not sit well with your living room either instead, a huge one with an embellished and decorative frame will be better.
  • Roundabout mirrors cause stunning integral to centers and have gotten an uncommonly outstanding choice for planning with. 
  • Sunburst mirrors are a specific arrangement of mirrors and consistently incorporate a round shape with a striking and adorning diagram that takes after that of light.

Which Mirror is Best for your Hallway?

Belbagno Soho Bathroom Mirror

Your hallway needs a similar statement frame mirror as well to boost your spirits when you're about to step out. If your mirror goes on a bare wall, make sure to choose a larger, ornamental frame to create a focal point.

But if the wall you plan to mount your mirror on is painted a bright color or is surrounded by funky furniture items or paintings, then choose a subtle and minimalistic frame.

Why are Round Mirrors Becoming So Popular?

These types of mirrors have gotten logically notable over decades and are used in homes to help project the light and light up dull living spaces. 

A mirror reflects greatness for some people, and you can settle it on an energetically dazzling direct glass. We often see customers using mirrors as an overmantel reflector in their parlor zone or passage included over a sideboard or table. This type of mirror is likewise gotten a new way to keep up with a stylish trend for some. 

What Does the Market Say about Round Mirrors?

These stylish mirrors have made their way well into the market. Interior designers and party-planners make regular use of these shaped reflectors.  After showing up in Pinterest's 2017 pattern report, these mirrors have been springing up in living spaces everywhere. They have challenged the square mirrors business. 

The delicate, bent shape transforms spaces where they place. People have bought them in the hopes of creating accents in the room while balancing other furniture pieces. And since they skip light around a room, circle mirrors help give your space a brilliant, breezy vibe. 

Mirrors with complex casings can make for an impressive divider exhibition. The availability of a blend of shapes and sparkle levels makes it a favorite for many.  

5 Essential Tips About Round Mirrors

Remer Eclipse Round Bathroom Mirror

1.  Add Reflective Material to Your Mirror 

In case you're remodeling a mirror, request your woodworker to develop an enormous reflecting outline, fitted with 6–8mm glass, and introduce it on a divider that can bear the weight. This reflective material will bring a new whole stylish mirror to your house. 

2. Add a Modern and Glamorous Touch to Your Space with a Contemporary Mirror

A stylized frame is featured in a sphere design, creating a beautiful dimension. Putting up a wall mirror into your decor for the perfect combination. This features an in-depth profile, reflecting a minimalist's design and trendy styling.

3. Add Some Elegant Stylistic Layout on the Furniture Close to your Mirror 

Tables, end tables, seats, or other furniture work perfectly for an elegant view. Moreover, having accessories like cushions, books, photographs also helps in making a complementary view.

4. Decorative Round Wood Mirrors 

These mirrors are beautifully unique accent pieces for your home decor. Hanging them above a fireplace, over a sofa, or above your bedroom headboard gives out a stunning view.

5. Classic Circular Mirror with a Slim Metal Frame

Mirrors with a finish in rubbed bronze, Antique Pewter, or Goldtone finish can complement most furniture and hardware options. It helps open up any living room, bedroom, hallway, or bathroom into an excellent view.

The Bottom Line

It is more than evident that these mirrors are a special addition to your home. And the one you decide to put in your home ought to mirror your character and style. Having mirrors in your home does add an elegant lifestyle. Treat yourself to rich and offbeat mirrors which come in circular shapes and upgrade your home's style. They serve as a tasteful feature of the space too. 

These mirrors with delicate bent shapes can give the room a milder touch. Like adding space and light, the way that mirrors do.  A situated mirror can make any room appear to be more remarkable and splendid. Click here now to view the best-selling round mirrors in the market and get your hands on one!