Qualities Of A Good Cheval Mirror

Mirrors are one of the less costly accessories that you can buy for your home. With the latest designs, they’re not just for the bathroom anymore! Most interior experts claim that a mirror completes the look of a room. There are many different types of mirrors out there. One of them is the cheval mirror, or horse dressing glass - a looking glass that has been around for a very long time.

That said, here's a quick question, how much do you know about horse dressing glasses? The below guide includes everything that you should know about cheval mirrors.

A Brief History of Cheval Mirrors

Cheval Mirror Silver

As earlier mentioned, they have been around for a long while. To be precise, the first cheval glass came in the 1700s. During that time, the looking mirror was designed for the bedroom for dressing. 

Cheval means horse in French. The glass earned the name because of its four supporting legs, designed like horses. Over time, the horse dressing glass lost some of its popularity. That's because of the introduction of other types of mirrors. 

What Is Cheval Mirror, and what benefits does it offer?

wooden framed full length mirror

A cheval glass is a tall dressing mirror, suspended between two pillars and joined by a swivel. One of the unique features is its tiltable nature. The full-length mirror stands upright with four legs.

If you're one of those attracted to standing mirrors, the horse dressing glass is perfect for you. Cheval glasses are also ideal if you live in a small apartment.

Benefits of the Mirror

  • A cheval floor mirror is unique because of its design
  • Because of the mirror's swivelling feature, you can adjust it the way you want it. With that, you'll be able to have a full view of yourself, irrespective of your height.
  • A cheval looking glasses are ideal for your dressing room if you're looking to add a spacious look to it
  • They are best if you're looking to create the right texture for your home.
  • They come with compartments and can serve as a storage facility for your jewellery and other accessories. 

Types of Horse Dressing Glass

Fancy Antique Cheval Mirror

Horse dressing glass falls under three different types, they include:

  • Antique
  • Modern cheval floor mirror
  • Jewellery armoire


This type has been around for a very long time. The tiltable standing mirror, first designed in Paris, came in the 19th century. It was inspired by the smaller tilting design or toilet mirror in the 17th century.

These mirrors are large and come in different styles and colours. If you're the classic type, the horse dressing mirror is ideal for your home. If well placed, it can maximize the style of your room. The glasses are also perfect if you're looking to improve your room's lighting.

Modern Cheval Floor Mirror

The modern cheval floor mirrors are the latest designs of the horse dressing glasses. They are available in a myriad of styles and colours. As such, they are ideal for creating the modern texture inside your home. Furthermore, you'll find them in different sizes, including full-length.

Cheval Glass Jewelry Armoire

A cheval glass jewellery armoire is another type of horse dressing glass. Unlike the first two mirrors, It has three features. They include performing the work of a mirror and cabinet.

It’s a two-door cupboard. You can use it for the storage of your jewellery and other accessories. Furthermore, some of these cheval glasses also help to store clothes.

It comes in various styles and colours. For instance, you can find them in white or black colours, making them perfect for your home.

Qualities Of A Good Cheval Looking Glass

Wooden Cheval Mirror

Design & color

As you now know, the cheval glasses come in several different styles, colours, and looks. That's one of the many reasons why horse dressing glasses are widespread across the world.

Furthermore, artisans often use various materials for the designs of cheval glasses. The two most used materials are wood and metal.


Woods are some of the most common materials for designing cheval glasses. Although there are different wood types, the hardwoods are the most common. That's because of their high-quality, natural, and durability features.

Speaking of solid oak cheval looking glasses, they are ideal for you – if you have other oak furniture in your home. The mirrors are functional and stylish, making them great for your bedroom. Maple and walnut are also common wood materials used for horse dressing glasses. They are natural-looking and provide your rooms with aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, wooden cheval glasses always come with other neutral finishes. The common ones are white and black. Speaking of white mirrors, they offer a classic type of look. The offering makes them perfect for you if you're looking to add light to your room.

But, if you're interested in adding a modern look to your home, then black is ideal.


Like wood, metals are also excellent materials for horse dressing mirrors. They are lustre and eye-catching. Most antique cheval glasses out there are of metal materials. Furthermore, the mirrors come in different finishes. These include gold, copper, and silver.

The finishes make the metal materials the best fit if what you're looking for is Antique.


These mirrors are cost-effective. That said, the best and affordable cheval glasses, such as Zeta, go for a few hundred dollars. But, if you're going for an original antique cheval glass, you might spend up to a few thousand dollars.

Where Can You Buy a Cheval Mirror?

Fancy Cheval Mirrors

Now that you've gotten enough information about the qualities of cheval glasses. Now, where can you find the best products?

There are many retailers out there. It can be hard to find the best quality product that meets your needs. 

Wrapping up

Cheval Mirrors are a great option for every type of home. But, before going ahead to shop for the best product, here's a piece of advice for you. Ensure you first decide where you're going to place the mirror. Doing that will let you make a great decision when choosing the best mirror for yourself. That said, you can check here to see some of the best cheval mirrors on the market.