Best Places To Place Your Makeup Mirror

Finding the perfect mirror can be challenging. What is even challenging is to find a place where the mirror looks decently set. Mirrors add a significant feel to our homes. This guide will help you know how to create the perfect mirror for you to add to your rooms, bathrooms, and vanities.  A makeup mirror is useful because its style is unique, so finding the right place for it is significant. 

Traditionally, mirrors are popular in many homes and used as a decorative piece to help bring out other features present in a room. So, do you want to perfect your art at the mirror hanging? While it is a challenge, we are here to help you. Here are some tips to make your makeup mirror hanging less confusing. 

  • Find A Mirror 
  • Choose The Correct Shape
  • Pick A Room
  • Consider The Type Of The Mirror 
  • See What It Reflects 
  • Decide How High It Will Hang

Find a Mirror 

Hollywood Mirror

The secret to placing a mirror at its prime location is to get one first! Here is what you need. Try finding a mirror that reflects, first of all-your reflection! But also a mirror that showcases your likes and shows an interpretation of your style. 

If you are looking for a makeup mirror, you may want to notice how clear your reflection shows to avoid any makeup mistakes. You may also want to check out the magnification while you are at it. It should let you know how close you want to see the skin you will be working on. 

Choose the Correct Shape

A mirror can come in many shapes, and like artwork, it can be measured to find a perfect placement. Some forms suit different rooms better. Ensure you pay attention to the mirror’s shape, as it can significantly change your room’s appearance. They come in many forms and could be set accordingly. 

A circle-shaped mirror looks best informal spaces such as powder rooms or entrances. Be sure to look for mirrors according to what style you are looking to find. Other shapes of decor mirrors that are available on our website include:

  • Cheval 
  • Arch
  • Oval 
  • Rectangle 
  • Round 
  • Square 

Pick a Room 

Your next step should be choosing which room your mirror will go in. A room with natural light seeping in is always the best choice when making a decision. Even if your mirror comes with LEDs attached, it is still an excellent idea to let some light come in for the daytime. 

Natural light also allows you to check to see how your skin would look outside. LEDs are better for when you need to check up on your makeup for photography or indoor events.

If you do not have a room that brings inside natural light, you can select other mirrors that do not necessarily require natural light to stand out as the perfect decor in your room. It is another excellent way to adjust your mirrors in a room whether you have available natural light or not. 

Consider the Type of Mirror

Makeup mirror on drawer

The question for many people remains, Where should a decorative mirror be placed? It is a highly personal matter. In simple terms, your taste and style are unique. So, it cannot be distinguished where your mirror must be settled.

An excellent tip would be to examine what mirror you chose.  Have a look at its style and where you think it should go. Then, be rational about it. If a decorative mirror is placed in the garage, it will not look good. Unless, of course, your garage is where you greet guests. 

You can choose a place according to what your mirror reflects. If it is makeup mirrors, it should go over a vanity in your bedroom or dressing room. If they are more like home decor mirrors, they look best in your drawing room or other formal parts of the home. 

See What it Reflects

girl applying lipstick infront of mirror

Choosing mirror placement will heavily influence other things that are present near it. It is why you must take what your mirror will reflect sitting at a position into deep consideration.

You most likely do not want to highlight a space that could easily gather clutter or gets untidy quickly. Instead, you would desire a clean or minimal area to be displayed.

A decorative mirror will be the best choice when trying to reflect something formal and friendly. 

When you decide where your mirror will go in a room, begin to look for spaces that you want to be exhibited. 

Some examples of things you could highlight are:

  • Textured walls
  • Plants or decorative items 
  • Statement walls 
  • Paintings 
  • Other wall hangings 

Decide how high (or low) you prefer your placement

Choosing the height of how high or low your mirror shall settle is another essential step in selecting the perfect place for it. It will potentially determine what you want to see out of it and what it will look like sitting in a room.

You can get creative here and choose a height that you feel most comfortable with.  Doing so will help you see how much of your reflection you want to be seen. 

A good example of a general guide would be 6-8 inches above the furniture. This way, you ensure that the mirror will not be too high or low and look decent. Customize it according to your home and measurements. Most home decor mirrors look exquisite at a decent height. However, a general guideline like this looks good and has worked for a majority of people.  

Other Places You Can Consider Placing Makeup Mirrors

Fancy Light Bulb Mirror

Makeup rooms 

When choosing to place a makeup mirror, the first idea is always the designated makeup or dressing room. It makes complete sense. You can make the placement unique by choosing a matching table set or other accessories that help bring out the mirror. 

If you are looking to renovate your old makeup room, be sure to check out the new mirrors in stock to see what will suit your new style best. Something as simple as a mirror can indeed give the room a new look. 

In Bathrooms 

If you prefer doing your makeup in the bathroom like many people, your mirror placement can go above the vanity. Nice mirrors like these also help guests to freshen up with the convenience of the mirror. While also being an excellent way to make the bathroom look sleek.

If you are confused regarding how to style the mirror, try placing plants or other wall hangings opposite to it so it can reflect these items nicely.  It can also help add more elegant touch if that is what you are going for. 

In Bedrooms 

Many people prefer investing in a full-length mirror for bedrooms. At Mirrors Direct, you choose one from several styles of home decor mirrors that suit you and your living space the best. Not only they will make your bedroom look wholesome but also enable you to immediately see and correct makeup errors, imperfect foundation, shadows, and powder application.

In A Dining Room 

The best possible placement for a mirror in a dining set is above a crockery cabinet. Or better yet, in front of it. Nice mirrors like these help highlight your crockery and show off your collection in a subtle yet elegant way. Do not be afraid to use one of the decor mirrors when doing this. 


As reviewed, the mentioned places above for mirrors are some of the best placements to choose from. If you are moving to a new place, redecorating, or trying to adjust a new mirror in your home, following these tips will ensure you have chosen the best placement. 

Although it can be a challenge at first, once you master the art of mirror placements, you will be able to settle mirrors in your sleep! Be sure to check out more of our blogs to find your perfect mirror, whether for makeup, bathrooms, and bedrooms. We have your back! Click here to view the best-selling makeup mirrors in the market and get your hands on one!