How To Incorporate An Arched Wall Mirror In Any Room

One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your home is by making use of a mirror. Mirrors have a way of producing the illusion of space. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, placing a mirror inside can make it look bigger.

Furthermore, mirrors are effective in increasing a room’s appeal and the brightness of a home. There are several different styles, sizes, and shapes of mirrors. One of the most popular types that you'll find in the market today is the arch shaped mirror. But how much do you know about it?

In this post,  here is everything you need to know about arched-shaped mirrors, including how you can incorporate them in any of your rooms. That said, without further ado, let's dive right in.

What Are Arched Wall Mirrors?

Large Gold Framed Arch Mirror

Arched mirrors are mostly rectangular base mirrors, with an elliptical or pointed tip. Furthermore, since arch-shaped wall mirrors are custom made, they come in different sizes. For instance, there are small, medium, and large-sized arched mirrors.

The mirrors are also available in different styles and designs. Furthermore, because of their various designs, arched wall mirrors are adapted to many functions and fit into any room, including the bathroom, entryway, and many more.

Some arched mirrors also pack several decorative features on their frame to highlight the room's style. Speaking of arch-shaped mirror frames, they often come in several different materials, including wood, ivory, metal, gold, and silver.

Benefits Of Arched Mirrors

Arch-shaped mirrors offer a host of benefits. One of them is that they provide any room with the illusion of having windows. You can always place this type of mirror in a room that lacks a window or has a tiny window. All thanks to their solid reflective feature, arch mirrors are great to help you brighten your room.

Another benefit of using arched  mirrors is that they have a way of opening up spaces. By placing a big arch-shaped looking glass in a small room, they can make it look much more significant.

What Are The Best Ideas For Hanging Your Arched Mirrors In Your Home?

Spiral Arch Mirror

As earlier mentioned, arched mirrors are very versatile. With that, it means you can use them for several functions. Let's have a quick look at some of the great ideas that you can use when planning to hang your arched mirror on the walls of your home.

1- Entryway

All thanks to their versatility, arched mirrors can fit into any part of your home. That said, one of the best places to hang the mirror is your entryway. With your arch-shaped mirror placed around your doorway, you can quickly check yourself out before heading out.

According to Feng Shui - a traditional pseudoscientific practice that originated from ancient China - Arched mirrors placed in the entryway are seen as a positive. However, the best way to put the mirror is on a wall perpendicular to the hallway.

2-  Dinning room

Apart from the entryway, you can also use your arch-shaped mirror in your dining room. According to Vastu shastra experts, placing your arched mirror in the dining room so it can reflect the dining table is a great sign of success.

3-  Above the fireplace mantel

Another great idea to placing your arched wall mirror is by fitting it above the fireplace mantel. Doing that will help to reflect the activities going on around the place. It'll also add more warmth to your room. However, be mindful of what the mirror is reflecting. 

4- End of the hallway

You can also place your arch-shaped mirror at the end of your hallway. According to experts, they can decelerate the "flow of energy in your house."

5- Opposite a window

Another great idea for hanging your mirror is by placing it right opposite a small window. The benefit of this is to create an illusion of a second mirror. 

By hanging your mirror right opposite your mirror, it means it'll reflect what's on the exterior of your home. While that's great, e  most Feng Sui experts will advise that the idea is only recommended if the outside of your home is auspicious.

In addition to placement, ensuring your mirror stays in pristine condition is crucial. For tips on maintaining your mirror's perfect reflection, especially if it gets scratched, learn how to fix mirror scratches.

6- Living room

Living rooms are for receiving visitors. By hanging your arched mirror on the room's wall, it can double the number of people available in the room, making it feel more festive.

How To Hang Your Arch-shaped Mirror In Any Of Your Rooms

Wood Framed Arch Mirror

When it comes to hanging your arched mirror, the first thing that you need to do is to use a hook on the wall, screwed to wall studs—doing that is way better than using string or wire to hang the mirror. With the hook's help, you can attach the D-ring behind the arched mirror for better fitting.

Here are a few straightforward steps to hang your arched mirror:

  • First, you need to get suitable screws and wall fixings. Of course, this will depend on the type of wall you're using. The purpose of using the suitable screws is to prevent your arched mirror from falling over time - this can be dangerous.
  • Next, get the best standing focus for the mirror. After that, measure the height & width of the mirror and mark it on the wall.
  • Drill a hole in the focus mark and place the brackets or anchor for the mirror. After that, insert the screw and fasten them firmly to the wall.
  • Lastly, mount the mirror on the brackets carefully, and that's it!

Should Mirrors Be Centered On Wall?

"Should mirrors be centered on the wall?" - this is a burning question that most people ask.

The answer to the question is; it depends on the type of mirror and what you want. From a general perspective, mirrors should be centered on the walls of your home. That's because placing your mirrors on your wall helps to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

However, while centering the mirrors on the walls, ensure they are only reflecting positive views. That's not all; also, make sure that you don't place them opposite direct sunlight.


Many benefits are attached to using arched wall mirrors. They are versatile and can fit perfectly in any part of your home. Furthermore, they also have a way of producing the illusion of space, making your home look more prominent.

When trying to buy an arched mirror, ensure you take into consideration all the points discussed in this article. That said, you can check here to see the best selling arch shaped mirrors on the market.